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In the last decade of my career, I've created different art collections, experimented with different techniques and languages, all while developing a research about the creative processes motivated by places, experiences, and sensations.


Nowadays, my work focuses on looking for the limit between what's past and the contemporary, that one thing that is in a constant state of transition and that I encapsulate into my art. This process has led me to different cities of Mexico, were I turn my eyes to the facade of buildings that once upon a time were covered in advertising signs, and that are currently deteriorated, earning an entire personality of their own; trapping it, appropriating it, and endowing it with transcendence and perpetuity,

My take on this matter is to recover the icons made by anonymous sign makers between the 60's and the 80's, those that have become part of the memory and identity of a community, turning them into works of art.

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