Curriculum Vitae


• Interior Architecture, School of Arts Applications and Offices of Rubi, Spain

• Graphic Design and window dressing, School of Design EDRA, Spain

• Landscaping Module Technical School of Architecture, School of Design EDRA, Spain

• Art History, School of Arts Applications and Offices of Rubi, Spain






Museo Nacional de Mexico

Museo de Antropología  Cuauhnahuac Palacio de Cortes de Cuernavaca, Mexico
Museo Metropolitano de Monterrey, Mexico

Museum of the City of Merida

Colección de la secretaría de Hacienda del Gobierno de Mexico 

Colección Bepensa, Coca Cola Company

Colección Banco de inversión Invex 

Fundación Sueños urbanos 

Colección Hartii



• 2015 Selected at the Art Prize 2015 Art Festival in Michigan (USA).

• 2015 Selected and finalist at the Biennial of XI Joaquín Clausell in Campeche. (Mexico)

• 2014 Selected at the Second Veracruz Art Biennial 2014 with the object-art "Empirical representation of an existing fact ".

• 2014-2015 Selected at the IKUS International Art Festival Mexico.

• 2012. Selected in the VII Monographic Exhibition of Media Art with the project "Space-life" within the XI

International Image Festival, Manizales (Colombia).

• 2010. First prize in the art contest "Nahum Zenill", Mexico.

• 2009. Selected in Documenta Madrid '09 with the audiovisual work "Man painting", director Víctor García.

• 2008. Selected in the painting competition "Meranini" of the Contemporary Museum of Badalona.

• 2007. Selected for the collective exhibition Estudi Tenas (Canet de Mar).

• 2004. Finalist in the interior design competition of the architecture FAD with the project "Parafarmacia Monill", Casteldefells (collaboration with architectural studio ADD + Bailo + Rull).

• 2003. Selected and finalist in the "RICARD CAMÍ" painting competition LA CAIXA DE TERRASSA.

• 2003. 1st Prize of the Saloni interior design contest with the "Sita Murt" project in the Aviyó BCN carrer

(collaboration with the architectural studio ADD + Bailo + Rull)

• 2000. Finalist of the FAD Interior Design competition with the project "Dr. Pasteaur's parapharmacy" Igualada (collaboration with architecture studio ADD + Bailo + Rull).

• 1999. Selected and finalist in the ARQUIN-FAD contest (Montsacopa-Olot volcano).




2020 “Desandar el Tiempo, Mediodia de Mexico”

2017 "Vestiges of Our Times"

2010 "The Essence of Absence" by director Eber García in 2010

2008 "Man painting", awarded in the contest "Documenta Madrid 08"




2020 “Desandar el Tiempo Medio Dia de Mexico”, Alfredo Romero

2019 LA Weekly, by art critic Shana Nys Dambrot, “Alfredo Romero’s Signs of Time at Simard Bilodeau”

2019 Art and Cake, by Kristine Schomaker, “Scarred, Worn, Ghostly, Gorgeous: Vestiges of Our Times”

2019 Plastica Lenzos Urbanos, by Clarisa Anell, “Memoria de las Urbes”

2018 !Hey!, by Joel Gonzales, “Reviven anitguos cartels; rescatan recuerdos de los barrios’’

2018 !Hey !, by Joel Gonzales, ‘’Una mirada al pasado con Vestigios de nuestros tiempos”

2018 !Hey !, by Joel Gonzales, “La cotianidad se Vuelve arte contemporaneo”

2017 “Vestigios de Nuestros Tiempos”, Alfredo Romero




• 2019 Exhibition “Vestiges of our Times” Tour 2019 at Simard Bilodeau Gallery Los Angeles California.

• 2019 Exhibition “Vestiges of our Times” Tour 2019 at LTBart Gallery, at Polanco, Mexico City.

• 2018 Exhibition Vestiges of our times ”La Sala Art Galery at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair

• 2018 Exhibition “Vestiges of our Times” at the Museum Peon Contreras (SEDECULTA)

• 2017 Exhibition "My Secret Garden" in Galeria Veracruzana. (Mexico City)

• 2015. Permanent exhibition at the Gallery "LA SALA" in Merida (Yucatán)

• 2015. Retrospective Exhibition at the Veracruz Gallery of Df. With the collections made in the 2009-2015

trajectory in Mexico.

• 2014. ExpoTour-2014 - "IR ES VOLVER" Traveling samples from Alfredo Romero's private ollection (Puebla,

Veracruz, DF ..., Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia)

• 2013. Watercolor Exhibition "Stolen Beauty" in the Exhibition Hall of Hotel Veracruz.

• 2011. Exhibition of "The essence of absence" in the cultural complex Former convent of Carmén. Tehucan- Puebla (Mexico).

• 2010. August 4. Exhibition of lithographs and watercolors at the gallery "IL Veneziano", Boca del Rio, Veracruz


• 2010. 1st of July. Exhibition of painting "The essence of the Absence", the Agora of the city "(Xalapa-Mexico).

• 2010. May 21. Exhibition of paintings "No limits, without frontiers" gallery Art21estudio Guadalajara-Mexico).

• 2009. Painting exhibition "Private collection of Alfredo Romero" at the HG hotel, Sant Cugat (Barcelona).

• 2009. Painting Exhibition "The mystery of the shadow" in the Contemporary Art Gallery The Main House. Veracruz Mexico).

• 2008. Painting exhibition "Interior Landscapes", Estudi Tenas (Canet de Mar, Barcelona)

• 2007. Exhibition of painting in the study of art and design "Espais efimers" (Mollet del V.).

• 2006. Painting exhibition at the Neighborhood Association Center, Estación de Francia (Mollet del V.).

• 2005. Painting exhibition at the Villarroel Theater (Barcelona).

• 2004. Painting exhibition at the "Juan Sánchez Ramírez" Cultural Center, Cotuí (Dominican Republic). • 2003.

Painting exhibition at L'ecola d'art L'Escardívol, Rubí.

• 2002. Painting exhibition (sports bars) in the Restaurant "La Tasca", Mollet.

• 2000. Exhibition of images in the ACME Musical Bar of Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona).

• 2000 Exhibition Installation to the Premier Bar of Santa Perpèuta de Mogoda (Barcelona).

• 1999. Painting exhibition at the "Old Station" Cultural Center Ajuntament de Rubí (Barcelona).



• 2019 Collective exhibition “El universe” Metropolitan museum, Monterrey, Mexico

• 2019 Collective exhibition "Memories of Mexico" Museum of the city, Merida Mexico.

• 2019 Art Palm Springs, Simard Bilodeau Gallery, Palms Springs California.

• 2019 LA Art Show, LA Sala Art Gallery, Los Angeles California

• 2018Art Auction "Mexico Vivo" Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City

• 2017 “Convergences” Collective Exhibition of International Artists Merida Mexico.

• 2017 FILUX International Festival of Lights, Merida, Mexico.

• 2016. XI Biennial of Campeche, in the Picheta Gallery in Merida (Yucatán)

• 2014. Second Biennial of Art Veracruz 2014, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Xalapa, Veracruz.

• 2011. Video-altar, in collaboration with César Andrade and Carlos Zubiaur, Exhibition of Multimedia Altares,

Filmarte Film Festival 2012, Carlos Fuentes Library, Xalapa, (Mexico).

• 2011. Pictorial Exhibition "Artists by Veracruz" Veracruzana de Arte World Trade Center (Veracruz)

• 2010. Exhibition at Holos Gallery, Oaxaca (Mexico).

• 2010. Exhibition of painting "Erotic art" in Art Gallery Art. Cuernavaca (Mexico).

• 2009. Presentation of the 3 x 1 project at Holos Gallery. Xalapa (Mexico).

• 2007 "Sensations" painting exhibition at "Estudi Tenas" (Canet de Mar).

• 2007. Exhibition "Silencio & Noido", Espais efìmers.

• 2007. Exhibition of photography in the "Center civic L'Era" Mollet del V.

• 2003. Exhibition "ENLLUERNATS", Cultural Center "Old station", Rubí City Hall.

• 1999. Painting exhibition at Mollet del Vallés Cultural Center "La Marineta", by Mollet "Federico G. Lorca"

Andalusian Cultural Center.

• 1998. Exhibition of masks in Cultural Center "Old station", City of Rubí.

• 1997. Exhibition of the sculpture competition at the Center of Culture of Granollers "Can Gili" (selected).




• Director of the Artembrión Collective (2010-2015)

• 2011. Installation "What time leaves us" with the collective Artembrión (Tehucán, Puebla, Mexico).

• 2011. Performance "Warming and globalization". Market of Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona, ​​Spain).

• 2010. Co-scriptwriter in the production of the film "A normal day" ( by director

Victor Garcia.

• 2009. Production of the poster "A normal day" for the homonymous film by the director Víctor García.

• 2009. Collaborations within the documentary "Fantasmas" by Víctor García.

• 2009. Video-projections at BCC. • 2009. Large murals for Town halls, events, etc. With Alberto Aragon and

Emmanuel Cruz.


• 2016. Speaker at the International Seminar on Memory, Word and Culture. Mexico and Colombia.

(Cartagena de Indias).

• 2016. Professor of the workshop "develop your artistic project" at the Gallery Sala Sala in Merida (Yucatan

• 2015. Professor of Art History and Visual Interpretation at the Mérida Metropolitan Technological University

of Digital Design

• 2014. Visual Arts Coordinator of the Veracruz Institute of Culture (IVEC)

• 2011 / 14- Assistant Director of Education and Research of the Veracruzan Institute of Culture.

• 2013. Conference-Workshop on Museography at the Franz Mayer Museum (DF-Mexico) for the 1st. Symposium on Cultural Policies and Management.

• 2012. Professor of the Sixth Course of Projects in Architecture, Center for Gestalt Studies, Veracruz, Veracruz


• 2011. Professor of the Course-workshop of Interiorism "Method and development" Gestalt school, Veracruz


• 2011. Conference "Commercial spaces" at the University of architecture and Gestalt design, Veracruz (Mexico).

• 2011. Advisor of the project "Popular markets + design" for the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad Veracruzana. In the design career of visual communication. (Collaboration with the Javeriana School in Cali, Colombia).

• 2011. Advisor of the project "Hidden Gardens" for the Collective Art embryo of the Faculty of Arts of the

University of Veracruz. (Mexico).

• 2010. Professor of the installation workshop "Building Desires: Ephemeral Spaces, Art and Design", Faculty of Plastic Arts, University Veracruz. (Mexico).

• 2010. Conference "Formula and development of interior design", Gestalt University of architecture and design,

Xalapa (Mexico).

• 2010. Professor of the "Spaces that sell more" workshop, Realia, Center for cultural management and training,

Xalapa (Mexico).

• 2010. Professor of the interior architecture workshop at the Gestalt Architecture and Design University, Xalapa


• 2010. Professor of the window-dressing course in Realia, Center for cultural management and training, Xalapa


• 2010. Conference "Ephemeral spaces" at the Gestalt Architecture and Design University, Xalapa (Mexico).

• 2009. Professor of the "Window dressing" course for the Consortium for continuing education in Catalonia "PIMEC".

• 2009. Professor of the course "Experimental painting" in Xalapa, (Mexico).

• 2008. Teacher of "Window dressing for professionals" in Barcelona Activa.

• 2007. Professor of the course "Interiorism and decoration" for the Consortium for continuing education in Catalonia "PIMEC".

• 2007. Training of trade professionals for "Mercamollet" stand assemblies.

• 2006. Professor for projects of the Interior Design Seminar "Commercial spaces" Municipal School of Design of Rubí (EDRA).

• 2003 Teacher of painting workshop of the Cultural Center of association of neighbors "Can Mula".