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In Yucatán, México, among the remains of different neighborhoods, abandoned houses stand as witnesses to stories intertwined with time. In this setting, Don Juan's little store, situated in the heart of Mérida, was a commercial epicenter in the 80s, where Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola coexisted. Don Juan, a beloved figure in the neighborhood, provided a space where anything was possible, even owing a few Mexican pesos without a problem. With the shift towards big supermarket chains, the life of the store faded away, leaving behind a nostalgic image.

Alfredo Romero, an artist sensitive to history, rescues this narrative. In the traces of time, the Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola brands competed in every corner, deeply rooted in the hearts of Mexicans. Romero extracts these fragments of memory and transforms them into contemporary works of art, using silver sheet to highlight the iconic Pepsi Cola. This process not only preserves the essence of a forgotten business, but also immortalizes Pepsi's emotional connection with Mexican families over the decades. It is a work that celebrates collective memory and the enduring impact of a brand that has left an indelible mark on Mexico's cultural fabric.

Pepsico 03
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